Skinny Cocktail Sneak Preview from Skinny Fiber Results Online

So our friends over at will be posting this later tonight on their Facebook Page, but they asked us to share it with our loyal followers early.

Each week, on Friday, they feature a “Skinny” Cocktail on their Facebook page and this week’s cocktail is especially awesome.

We know this is a stretch to our theme of “Global Grains” week, but just work with us here. 🙂

The liquor used is made by a company called TY KU. It is an Asian company (cue the “global” part of this) that makes low calorie spirits from Barley (cue the “grains” part of this). If you want to know more or where to find it, you can check out their website

Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!!

Have a Fantastic Friday!!


Low Calorie Cocktail

Stars and Stripes Low Calorie Cocktail


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