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Need a “Day at the Spa?”

So some of you may know we have partnered with a great blog/Facebook Page called Skinny Fiber Results Online. They are an awesome company that promote the same values that we do here at Health.Fun.Energy and they sponsor a weekly Skinny Cocktail that we are privileged to share with you.

As a follower of our blog, we are giving you a sneak peak of the Skinny Cocktail that will be posted later on their Facebook page. 

It seriously doesn’t get any better than this!!!

Low Calorie Cocktail

Need a day at the Spa?

To locate the liquor, you can go to:


Skinny Cocktail Sneak Preview from Skinny Fiber Results Online

So our friends over at will be posting this later tonight on their Facebook Page, but they asked us to share it with our loyal followers early.

Each week, on Friday, they feature a “Skinny” Cocktail on their Facebook page and this week’s cocktail is especially awesome.

We know this is a stretch to our theme of “Global Grains” week, but just work with us here. 🙂

The liquor used is made by a company called TY KU. It is an Asian company (cue the “global” part of this) that makes low calorie spirits from Barley (cue the “grains” part of this). If you want to know more or where to find it, you can check out their website

Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!!

Have a Fantastic Friday!!


Low Calorie Cocktail

Stars and Stripes Low Calorie Cocktail

Congratulations to Skinny Fiber Results Online!

Hello all,

We would like to send a warm congratulations to our Partner Blog, Skinny Fiber Results Online.

They officially launched today. Their blog is at, so go over there and check out more awesome content for a healthy, fun, and energetic life. They also have a Facebook Page that you can “like” directly from this page in the right hand column. We know they have a lot of awesome content planned for the Facebook page. If you love this blog, you won’t want to miss their Facebook page. We fully believe in and support what they are doing over there as well as on Facebook. We hope you will too. Send your best wishes to them in the comments below.